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At Doctus we provide high-quality and effective mental health services in Dublin and online. We offer you the professionality of Psychologists Consultants trained in clinical psychology and neuroscience. Doctus Mental Health have experienced practitioners with a wide multicultural knowledge developed through years of practice in different areas of our field.

We develop personalized treatment plans and use evidence-based treatments to improve your quality of life. Our services cover a broad spectrum of conditions from coping with stressful situations in life to clinical problems such as depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.

Call or e-mail us to understand how we can help you. We are looking forward to talking to you.

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Benefits of online psychotherapy

Effective   online-delivered   psychotherapy.  You can   receive our services from the comfort of your home and adjust sessions more easily to your life.

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Brain training

Boost your brain health with personalized cognitive training programs (memory problems, problem solving, attention defficits, etc.)

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Mental health for expats

Issues   associated   to   the   expatriate’sexperience are common.   At   Doctus Mental Health, our   senior Clinical   Psychologists   have   vast   experience  in working with specific cultural issues. Contact as for more information.

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Corporate mental health services

Ask us about our tailored trainings and Employee’s plans for your company.

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Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland: Elmpark Green.